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Carnivale rewatch project


@ carnivale_redux and CarnivaleHBO Yahoo!Group

Were you among the lucky ones who saw Carnivale when it first aired? Are you part of the evergrowing fanbase that found out about the show after the cancellation? Are you a newbie? In any case, you're invited to join the Carnivale rewatch project!

Together, every Sunday, we rewatch an episode of Carnivale and discuss it.

Share your thoughts, speculations, and why not, squee with the other fans as if it was the first time. Analyze the early episodes in perspective and compare them with your first impressions.

Episode 0 - Introduction is up this Sunday, July 20th.

You can either join or watch carnivale_redux on Livejournal or join the Yahoo! Group CarnivaleHBO according to what suits you best... or maybe go both places. The more, the merrier! The next discussion post, and where the real fun will begin, is due for Sunday, July 27 when we will discuss the pilot - Milfay.

This is the moment to take your dvds off the shelf! Feel free to ask any question and make suggestions to improve this project. Everything to keep the Carnivale love alive!
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