Question regarding Carnivale!

Hello! I never saw Carnivale when it originally aired. I was wanting to check it out, however I was was wanting to know something first. I know that there were only two seasons. I was wondering if the viewer is left hanging at the end of season two? Did they do there best to tie things up? Don't give anything away, because I've not yet seen the show. I'm just curious if I'm going to be left with a cliffhanger in the end? I'd truly appreciate your help. Thanks. ^_^
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 Ok, here's what's going on.  I put a meme in my LJ about a month ago. You were supposed to list different characters from different fandoms that you would like to receive a letter from. People from your friends list would then comment, leaving a letter from one of the characters. My friend Laura left me a letter from Dwight (The Office). We managed to keep it going (Jim cameo'd once in a while. lol)   

  We were talking about it yesterday and thought this might make a really cool RPG. It's going to be a multi-fandom thing. Letters from characters of one movie/tv show, to their friends/family members/whatever, who just happen  to be characters in other tv shows/movies.  I wanted to see what people's reactions would be before I actually started the RPG though. So what do you guys think? When I say it's multi-fandom, I mean it. Any character from any tv show/movie is available. 

  If you're at all interested, and would like to participate (you don't necessarily have to be somebody from the Office. Go with whoever you want) and reply to this message saying who you would like to play, and write a sample letter.

 I think this could really be a lot of fun, but it needs participation. Let me know.
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All Carnivalers

It's not Carnivale, but I'm working on a pitch for a show that might satisfy you all.
My first stop is HBO.

I am 24 and have no experiuence, they are going to love me! (or love rejecting me. owned.)
Joan And Abe

For all of us Mass Carnivale fans

Adrienne Barbeau has 2 stops here in Mass on her book tour for her first book "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" , Sponsored by Rock and Shock 3

July 17 - MA The Shoppes at Blackstone Valley (7:00pm)
Barnes and Noble
70 Worcester Providence Turnpike .. 533
Milbury, MA 01527

July 18 - MA Brookline Booksmith (7:00pm)
279 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 02446

Hope to see you there!!!

I'm so going to the Brookline one!!! Anyone else?
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Met Michael Anderson at the Chiller Theatre convention Saturday. Saw Nick Stahl too but couldn't get close enough for a pic. Michael confirmed no more Carnivale but possibly a movie to tie up lose ends. Let's hope!



Just saw Gabe (Brian Turk) in a funny bit on Boy Meets World ep as a beefcake who turns out to be a bit light in the loafers. It was quite amusing.
(The episode was "Hogs and Kisses" for the curious. In addition to shirtless Brian Turk it also features a great food fight.)

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Hello fellow fans! I actually have homework that involves Carnivale believe it or not!

So if you could help me out I would appreciate it.

What appealed to you about the show? What kept your interest and such? What made you want to see it in the first place? Tell me why it's the best show EVER! :)