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carnivale_hbo's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
This is an active community for the discussion of the HBO series Carnivàle.

Please read the following rules before joining:

1.)All spoilers must be in a lj-cut. In this community, all detailed discussion of events in all episodes for the current season episode is considered a spoiler. Many fans do not get to see the episodes until the series is released on DVD. If you are not sure if what you are posting is a spoiler or not, err on the side of caution and put your comment behind a lj-cut. If you don't follow this rule your post will be deleted. To learn how to make a lj-cut, go to this page. Any pertinent information about the *current season* is considered a spoiler and should be under a cut. If you notice someone posting spoilers, please inform one of the moderators!

2.)Please keep posts on topic or they will be in danger of being removed.

3.) The posting of LJ meme polls is not allowed. By that, I mean none of those "What character am I?" things. No one cares except you, don't make the rest of the group read through it. Creating original polls about the show for members to participate in is okay though.

4.) There will be zero tolerance for off-topic cross posting, and cross posting in general is discouraged because it's highly annoying to most people.

5.) No anonymous commenting is allowed.

alceria is the creator and moderator of this community, however she got behind on the series and isn't watching the community so much. So in the meantime, direct any problems you have to our other moderators, strangemuses.

Other than that, play nice.